Denzel Washington — The Equalizer

From YouTube

From YouTube

The Equalizer is a great movie. I wish that there were real heroes against bad guys in real life like Denzel is in movies. It would be nice to have a hero like the equalizer right in your neighborhood. The Equalizer is a movie that shows you just how evil our world can be. There was a lot of bad guys in the movie. In the real world, it seems that there are more bad guys than good guys. It seems like the bad outweighs the good.

I was once told about a man on the police force. He was a hero and bringing all of the bad guys down, until one day, somebody had him killed. There are not enough heroes that can outsmart bad guys and win. There were no other guys on the police force like the hero that caught the bad guys.

Denzel, The Equalizer, had everything inside of him. He was the weapon. Nothing could touch him. He timed the bad guys, and he brought them down. Nothing could stop him. I kind of believe that the man on the police force that I was told about in real life was a real life equalizer. He was probably a threat to many.

Denzel is a great actor and can affect your mind through his acting. He makes you want to be a hero and makes you wonder how to save someone’s life like the young girl in the movie. What could you do to help some one like her? Most people would mind their own business, and stay out of it in real life. The young girl was under the control of ultra-violent Russian gangsters. You would have to be a strong and courageous hero with no fear like Denzel was in the movie, The Equalizer.

See the video here…..


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