Stephanie Mills Still Singing and Believing in God



We have seen great singers die sad in life. Stephanie Mills has mentioned this in an interview with Pearson Bowen. Stephanie said that she is still singing and believing in God. She has her own record label. Stephanie talks about how strong you have to be in the entertainment world. She talked about Michael Jackson and how she was his girl. Stephanie was shocked at his death. He was one of the entertainers she spoke of and knew about.

Stephanie said that in the entertainment world you are set up to be a star and also set up for rejection. I have a very negative outlook on the music business. I always wanted to be a singer, and now, I could care less because of all of the sad things I hear about and see in that world. Stephanie Mills explains that all you are is a brand and how they do not care for you. That is the reason why Michael Jackson wrote the song, “They don’t Care About Us”, according to Stephanie Mills. However, Stephanie Mills lets the world know that they can’t stop you from singing. Stephanie has a strong beautiful voice. She has sung R&B and Gospel.


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