The Hardest Working Black Man

There was a black man that worked with a white guy. They worked together in a factory. The white guy did not go to work as much as the black man did. He took credit for most of the black man’s work. The supervisor did not like what he saw happening and wanted to fire the white guy. Most of the time, the black man was in a room all by himself working. For some reason, the white guy was recognized the most. When it was time to get a raise, the black man could not get one. The manager did not think that he deserved one, and he was hardly seen on the floor in the factory around the workers to know what was really going on. It appeared that it was not up to the supervisor whether or not the black man should get a raise. Nobody was quite sure if it was discrimination, but it appeared to be. What all the other workers knew in the factory was the black man was the one whom worked the hardest and should have been given a raise.


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