Daryl Brown Talks about His Father James Brown

Daryl Brown is the son of James Brown. He knows about his father more than any movie maker. Daryl knows what is true about James and what is not true because it is his father. In the interview, hosted by Sean Stone, Daryl tells us some things that some of us might not have known about James Brown. He talks about the birth of James brown and how he was born with a veil over his eyes. Daryl tells us how ancestors believed that if you were born with a veil over your eyes, then you were physic. James Brown always went with his first mind and he said that’s God’s mind. Daryl said that James never second guessed. That is what made James so famous. He saw through the veil.

James Brown was a miracle when he was born in 1933. He was dead for four hours according to his son Daryl. It had to have been in God’s will for James Brown to live. You can learn more from the interview with Daryl Brown as he talks with Sean Stone.


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