Melle Mel talks about N.W.A.- Thank You Melle Mel!

Melle Mel: I still to this day can never understand how a kid from the street can think he’s a star when the only thing that you are projecting about your entertainment value is that you are a kid from the street. I’m a big conspiracy theorist. That all came as a part of a plan to sucker neighborhood people into thinking that the worst part of their neighborhoods are the best thing that ever happened to their neighborhood. That’s what we got right now. If you can just prove to everybody that you’re tough, or you’re hood, or your ghetto, or your grimmy, and then you can make it, it’s way easier to just doing all the practice that I did to get my reputation. ….If they say that they sold fourteen kilos of cocaine, and in the process of doing that you killed five niggas, and in the process of doing that you know you had sex with all kinds of girls, and you threw away all kinds of money, …oh he has a way more exciting lifestyle than Melle Mel because all I do is go into the gym and train and ***!!@@ write rhymes all day.

I appreciate Melle Mel and what he had to say because I have been seeing the things that he is talking about. Rappers look like they are right because people can relate to them and they are frustrated with the things that may be going on in their neighborhoods. However, two wrongs don’t make a right. When you are wrong, then you are wrong. There is no right way to do wrong, and when we do wrong, we all are going to have to pay for our wrongs. There is a right way to do our entertainment. It’s okay to tell the world about the evil that is happening to us, but we need to also send out a message that something needs to be done about the evil that is happening to us and how it needs to stop. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five talked about the streets in their rhymes and how tough life had been. However, they did not use the image of sex, drugs, and violence. Melle Mel who came from the group did not use those three images to put lies and deceit into our minds. Thank you Melle Mel.

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