Will He Come Back and Finish the Job?


There is work a woman can’t do. So she needs a man to do it and to do it right. The woman will need a man that can get the job done. So an African American woman hired an African American man that could do the job, and he was one that had the skills. The woman had the money to pay him. Somehow another, the man needed the money, but he did not come back to finish the job. Why? It was because he left one job to go to another job to get more money. So the woman that was willing to finish paying him was no longer important or her money. She kept calling the man to go back to finish the job. He would go back, but hardly any work was done.

So winter after winter and summer after summer, the work was not done. Birds made a nest on her porch, and baby birds flew and scattered to learn how to fly. Bad windstorms blew away some of the vinyl siding. Tall grass grew in between nails and boards that were thrown down around the house. The woman could hardly mow her grass there. The woman just didn’t know what to do anymore or whom to trust. It was very hard to find someone else to do some work for her. She thought to herself, “The next time I won’t hire a black man to do the job. I’ll hire a Mexican!”

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